Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vegan Exchange Numero Tres

For our next installment of our Vegan Swap, we were paired to receive goodies from Janessa of Epicurious Vegan. I got to meet Janessa oh-so-briefly last summer at Vida Vegan Con, the extraordinary vegan blogger conference of which she is a co-founder and organizer.

She sent us a super thoughtful and really nice package. I adore the card featuring one of the Portland bridges that she sent (from Lark Press). It makes me even MORE nostalgic for Portland than I usually am when I gaze at it, a daily occurrence because I set it in a prominent place.

She also sent us chocolate, chocolate darling dear chocolate. Fancy and delightful-- one a fig, fennel and almond bar and the other chocolate raspberry. Wow, wow.

And yummy yummy sprouted crackers, which my son couldn't wait to try...India black salt...and lime sugar!!! !!!!  Yes, that's !!!!!!! The black salt really does add a strangely deliciously eggy flavor not usually found in vegan food, and I'm saving/hoarding the lime sugar for some autumn cupcake baking. All of these things are really great and the kind of thing that intrigued me but that I wouldn't necessarily purchase for myself. I think that is one of the great beauties of this idea!

Thank you so much Janessa, and if you, dear reader, are down with trying out the swap, get up in Cat's email box here!

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