Monday, July 30, 2012

Vegan Exchange Numero Dos

I'm jealous of my past self-- the one who noshed on these cookies and this candy bar.

You may recall that my kid and I are enjoying the vegan exchange run by Cat at The Verdant Life. We had a glitch in that we didn't receive a package in May, but June's package was from Janna over yonder at Nom Vegan Nom. Yeah, ok, Janna's package was SUPERB!

Those multi-seed crackers? Delicious. My son still asks if we have any.
Those chocolate chip cookies? Gone rather quickly.
Those gummi bears? What the what? They were so good.
That chocolate bar? Son never saw it.
Ramen and rice and beans? I had a bachelorette weekend and they were just right for my cooking-for-one lifestyle!

Thank you so much Janna, we loved our goodies but most of all, we loved your card. We are crazy for kitties!

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