Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Checking In!

Vegan Ice Cream at Go Lightly!

Hello, hello!! We've missed you when we aren't being REALLY busy. Since we've been away, we've been so happy to have been featured on Our Hen House -- thanks, Jasmin and Mariann!

Our official meal share is on a hiatus right now, while we put energy into other projects. Besides the variety of ice cream that she offers, Jen C. has vastly expanded the vegan lunch offerings at Go Lightly, which have become a hit with vegans, veggies and omnivores alike. Watching her business grow and thrive is wonderful. Her food is fabulous, so please come check her out (an easy and fun trip from Manhattan, or check out how close she is to you, Jersey folks!).

In the meantime, Jen G. has been having a series of monthly vegan potlucks for friends of all eating persuasions. Each month has been a fun and yummy experience (and no two alike) and they all tend to feature freshly baked bread. Stay tuned for some photos, updates and tips about hosting a series of vegan potlucks.

Finally, in the spirit of communal vegan delights, I wanted to point you to this great sounding opportunity: Cat at The Verdant Life is starting up a vegan food swap. Click on over if you would like to sign up. Who knows, maybe we'll become vegan swap buddies?